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Boundary Adjustment Information

Boundary Information

Are you looking for school attendance boundary information for a specific address or set of addresses?

You can check any address to see what elementary, middle or high school attendance boundary it is located in using the District Address Locator. The Address Locator includes the new High School and Elementary boundaries, which will go into effect in 2017-18. Once you've opened the Locator, select the 2017-18 toggle (left side of the screen) and then select a school level (elementary, middle or high school) to display the boundaries.

Click on the link for the District Address Locator

Click here for more information about the new High School boundaries and transition plans. Click here for more information about Sato Elementary (formerly Kaiser Road K-5)

You can also check the Street Directory, which provides a table of all address ranges in the District. 

2016_2017 Street Directory 07.12.16.pdf

2017_2018 Street Directory 04.06.17.pdf  NEW

If you still have questions, please call or email Robert McCracken, Facilities Planning Coordinator: or (503) 356-4319

Are you looking for a district-wide map of attendance boundaries by school level?
Below are links to the 2016-17 school attendance boundary maps in PDF format:

2016-17 Schools and ES Boundaries.pdf

2016-17 Schools and MS Boundaries.pdf

2016-17 Schools and HS Boundaries.pdf

Are you looking for the 2017-18 boundary map?

Below is a map with the adopted 2017-18 high school boundaries, including elementary and middle school boundaries. This map will go into effect in the Fall of 2017.

2017-18 Schools and Boundaries 03.24.17.pdf

Are you looking for information on the location of Beaverton School District Boundary in the River Terrace area?

Below is a map showing the school district boundaries in the River Terrace and South Cooper Mountain planning areas.

River Terrace Area Map 11.17.16.pdf

Do you have a question about transfers between school attendance boundaries, or into the Beaverton School District?

Please call the Teaching and Learning Parent Information Hotline at 503-356-4325

Information can also be found here: In-District and Inter-District Transfers

Do you have questions about current attendance boundaries? 

Contact Robert McCracken, Facilities Planning Coordinator: or (503) 356-4319

If your home is on or near a school attendance boundary, please call Beaverton School District at (503) 356-4500 to confirm which schools your children will attend.

Due to high growth in some areas of the School District, it may be necessary to reassign some children, or specific developments, to a facility other than the child's home school.