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​​​​​​Energy & Resource Conservation Department


Welcome to the Beaverton School District's Energy & Resource Conservation Department. Our Department strives to conserve resources wisely through management of utilities, providing environmental outreach and education, and supporting individual school efforts. We believe the actions of BSD staff will reduce District costs, lower the District's environmental footprint and ultimately reserve more resources for education.



Energy Efficient Capital Improvement Project Summaries

Please see the highlights from the latest BSD energy efficiency projects!

LED Light Bulb Replacement Project

Capital Center East HVAC and Envelope Upgrades

Conestoga MS HVAC Control Project

Springville K-8 Destratification Fan Project  (contains video!)

Sunset HS Auditorium Upgrade Project

The LED Light Bulb Challenge - Will You See the LIGHT?

E&RC continues to replace old interior incandescent and fluorescent bulbs throughout the District. So far we have replaced over 1,500 building lamps saving over 200,000 kWh and $20,000 per year to the District!  The future of LED is here and we still need your help! If you have a person​al lamp with old incandescent bulb in your classroom or office, please change it out to an LED equivalent. Home improvement stores are currently selling select 60w LED bulbs for as little as $2.50!  For each bulb you replace you could save the District up to $10 per year in electricity for the life of each bulb!!! 

Support the cause to make BSD an incandescent free zone! Drop E&RC a line if you've made the switch!

Mini-Fridges - T​he Silent Energy Hog

Did you know that a mini-fridge, especially an older one, can consume as much electricity as a full-sized model? Please work to minimize mini-fridge use at your school or support facility. If you must have one please consolidate them where possible and unplug them during during the summer. Click on the link for more info. Thank you for being energy conscious!​​

7 Eco A​pps Worth Downloading

Everyone has a cellphone. Everyone is connected. Why not use this power to download powerful Eco to help us enhance and track our inner greenness! The following link lists 7 Eco Apps that are worth the icon space on your phone. Apps including:

  1. GiveO2 – allows the user to easily monitor your carbon footprint of your daily commutes regardless of mode of transportation.
  2. Leafully – Grand prize winner of the U.S. Department of Energy 2012 "Apps for Energy" challenge - this app automatically monitors your energy consumption and notifies you when you use more energy than what you normally use.
  3. GoodGuide – Use this guide to find "safe, ethical, and environmentally-friendly products while on-the-go."

Check them out! And if you have a favorite Eco App that is not on this list let us know!


Check out the solar performance of each of our three solar schools below!

Teachers! Below are some fantastic links to solar and other renewable curriculum and activities!:

Learn more about the installations from the articles below!

The Journal - April 2013
Sustainable Business Oregon - January 2013



Matt Lichtenfels, Energy & Resource Conservation Program Manager, 503-356-4570
Sue Shade, Resource Conservation Specialist, 503-356-4333