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Building a Green Program

Building a green program can help support conservation efforts by increasing awareness of school efforts, educating building occupants, and encouraging student participation through activities and events.  A program can be driven by students, parents, or staff members but is most successful when all are involved at some level.

How to Begin

  • Identify individuals interested in developing a Green Program. This can be one or two individuals initially, growing to a mix of adults and students.
  • Gain the support of the building administrator for program backing.
  • Determine when and where the group will meet, considering participant schedules.
  • Identify some preliminary goals for the program. Think about beginning with simple projects that will have a high success rate to get the program rolling and build enthusiasm.
  • Recruit, recruit, and recruit! Publicize the program and invite individuals from all areas of the school to participate.
  • Welcome all suggestions for the program, giving them thoughtful consideration.
  • Have fun! Be sure to have a good mix of work and play to keep everyone involved.

The Oregon Green Schools Association is a program that offers a framework for individual schools to create a long-term resource conservation program with identified goals and measureable outcomes in the areas of energy, water, waste reduction, and recycling.  District resources are available to assist schools interested in pursuing certification through the Oregon Green Schools program.