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Southridge HS Water Bottle Awareness Effort


Recycling at school and at home has become a tricky business! The circling arrows symbol does not guarantee that the material is acceptable in a commingle, or all materials together system, which is what we have in our schools. The following list represents the different materials that are acceptable in the commingle recycling containers found at BSD.

Acceptable Material
Newspaper - Remove protective plastic packaging
Magazines - Remove protective plastic packaging
Cardboard - Place over-sized boxes to the side
Scrap paper - All types from classrooms and offices
Metal cans - Rinse thoroughly to remove residue
Scrap metal - Less than 30" long and weighing less than 40 pounds
Aerosol cans - Discard plastic color cap
Plastic - Containers with necks, tub-type containers six ounces or larger, buckets up to 5-gallons - all must be rinsed thoroughly to remove content residue
Aluminum - Cans and foil, free of liquid and food

Glass - Should be placed on the side in a separate container for collection.


Materials that contaminate the commingle stream: pizza boxes, plastic clam shells, plastic lids, plastic bags, plastic trays, plastic packaging, foam packaging, ream wrap, frozen food boxes, food soiled material of any type