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Managing waste is the responsibility of each individual that studies, works, or plays at our schools.  Purchasing wisely, reusing materials, recycling everything possible, and throwing less into the garbage can decrease waste service levels and related costs.

Two local jurisdictions, City of Beaverton and Washington County, set the rates for commercial garbage disposal in the Beaverton area. These rates drive the cost of waste disposal at BSD facilities and are based on the size and number of garbage containers placed at a site along with the number of times per week the container(s) are emptied. The cost of recycling is embedded in the cost of garbage service, which is how increasing recycling volumes can reduce disposal costs.

Five independent waste hauling companies collect the garbage and recycling generated in Beaverton School District facilities.  For information concerning these companies, the schools they serve, or assistance with questions or concerns regarding collection or service levels, please contact BSD Resource Conservation at 503-356-4333.


Quick Suggestions for Reducing Waste

Recycle all materials that can be recycled. 
Promote "Reduce Your Use" when taking paper towels or napkins.
Raise awareness of food waste by hosting a "Waste Free Lunch" day.
Use both sides of the paper before recycling.
Encourage the use of reusable water bottles.
Create a "Reuse It Closet" or "Extra" box for school supplies to share. 
Set up alternative recyclable collections for ink cartridges, cell phones, shoes, etc.
Encourage the use of reusable coffee mugs.
Create a classroom "Celebration Box" with durable plates, utensils, and cups.
Raise awareness of energy use by conducting weekly or monthly "Dim Day" events.
Conduct a classroom waste audit to identify materials that can be redirected to reuse or recycling.
Promote the use of durable dishes, utensils, and cups in the staff room.
Create waste reduction signs and post in high use areas.
Educate and remind building occupants about recycling often.
Turn off lights and electronics whenever possible.
Report discovered water leaks to the school office or custodian.