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​First Aid and CPR Course Requirements

The State Board of Education requires that one staff member (licensed or classified) for each 60 students hold a valid first aid card.                  

If you are planning to take a class to obtain your First Aid/CPR card, please be certain that the course meets the following criteria.  If it does not meet these criteria, you will not be eligible for tuition reimbursement.


1) The course is nationally accredited

2) The course is taught by a trainer currently certified by an accredited program

3) The course requires a hands-on skills test

  • This excludes most on-line certifications unless a skills test is required

  • The American Heart Association and the National Safety Council offer on-line courses that require a hands-on skills test

4) The course is not taught by a current employee for a fee

  • This is due to state ethics rules

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Approved Course Taught within the District 

Medic First Aid/CPR classes taught by Angel Hands

  • Classes are scheduled with the school
  • Class Availability is listed in the District Announcements on the Staff Intranet
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The District transportation training department provides training for School Bus Drivers

 Accredited classes are also taught at OMSI and other organizations around the Portland and Beaverton area