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BSD Student Meal Charging Procedures


All BSD students are eligible for a meal. Students who are without funds will be allowed to charge meals unless the student’s parent or guardian has provided written permission to withhold a meal from the student, to reduce the amount of that student’s debt. A "Meal" meets the requirements of a reimbursable USDA meal. This reimbursable meal consists of at least (3) components from the (5) following food groups; Meat/Meat Alternate, Grain, Vegetable, Fruit and Fluid Milk. A student must take a minimum of (3) components from the (5) options, and one of the components must be at least 1 half cup of fruit or vegetable.

BSD will not publicly identify a student who cannot pay for the meal because of negative balance. We may provide the student their balance only if they inquire.

Students will not be allowed to charge a la carte menu items. (This includes a carton of milk)


NOTE: All adults, parents, BSD staff, volunteers, visitors, etc. will not be allowed to charge meals.


Procedures for Notifying Parents of Account Balances:


1. Balance Notification Methods:

• Parents/Students can inquire directly with the cafeteria staff about their account balances.

Parents/Guardian/ Students can see their students balance, create alerts as well as auto pay by signing up for a free School Café account. Please visit:

2. Negative Balance Notification Methods:

After each negative balance charge, the parent or guardian may choose to be notified about the negative balance and the need to bring payment for future meal service via automated phone or e-mail message through the district’s "School Messenger" system. For this alert service to start please sign up at:

      • Via a note sent home with the student for parent or guardian.
      Via Phone call from NS department. NS will make at least two attempts to contact the student’s parent or guardian to have the parent or guardian fill out a meal benefits application. This will help to determine if the student is eligible for free or reduced price meals. In addition, the NS department may contact parents or guardians about payment options.

     This institution is an equal opportunity provider.​