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Standard Reunification Method​

Student/Parent Reunification (SRM)

Events may occur at school that requires parents to pick up their students in a controlled release. The process of controlled release is called a reunification and may be necessary due to weather, a power outage, a hazmat issue, or if a crisis occurs at the school.

The Beaverton School District in collaboration with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO), Beaverton Police (BPD), Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue (TVF&R), and other community partners have implemented the Standard Reunification Method, based on protocols established by the I Love U Guys Foundation.

Student/Parent Reunification is a protocol that makes this process more predictable and less chaotic for all involved. Because a controlled release is not a typical end of school day event, a reunification may occur at a different location than the school a student attends. If this location is another school, then those students may be subject to a controlled release as well.


Parents may be notified in a number of ways. The school or district may use its broadcast phone or text message system. In some cases, students may be asked to send a text message to their parents. A reunification text message from a student may look something like this: “The school has closed, please pick me up at 3:25 at the main entrance. Bring your ID”.

Please watch the message below. The video will provide information on a Reunification. The video was produced in collaboration with Adams 12 Five Star School District.

Parent Handout

Reunification Card - English

Reunification Card - Spanish

Reunification Card - Arabic

Reunification Card - Chinese

Reunification Card - Japanese

Reunification Card - Korean

Reunification Card - Russian

Reunification Card - Vietnamese

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