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Student/Family Handbook

The Student/Family Handbook (SFH) (formerly known as the Student/Parent Resource Handbook), first published in 1996-97, was established to protect both students' rights and those of others. The Handbook outlines the academic, behavioral and extracurricular expectations for students and provides guidelines for dealing with behaviors that interfere with the education of students and lead to disciplinary actions. The document is written to agree with local, state and federal laws and is updated each year.​

Student/Family Handbook 2018-2019 (English)
SFH Acknowledgement Form 2017-2018 (English)

Manual Informativo para Estudiantes y Familias 2017-2018 (Español)
Aceptacion Formal De La Revision Del Manual Informativo Para Estudiantes y Familias 2017-2018 (Español)