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​​​There are many scholarship opportunities for our American Indian/ Alaska Native students. Listed below are a few opportunities. Please contact the Indian Education Program Facilitator, Theo Latta, for an individualized higher education plan, for help completing the FAFSA, or for additional opportunities at​


Accenture Undergraduate Scholarships for Native Americans 

Application Deadline April each year

Award Amount $5000 per year 

These Native American Scholarships provide financial assistance to high school seniors who plan to major in business or technology. Must be a member of U.S. federally recognized Indian tribes or Alaska Native group. Degree fields include engineering, computer science, operations management, finance, marketing, management or other business majors. GPA 3.0 or better and essay required. Financial need is a consideration For more information and to apply online for American Indian Scholarships see


Cargill Scholarship Program for Tribal Colleges

Application Deadline May of each year

Award Amount $2500 

These scholarships are open to American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Hawaiian Natives who have proof of enrollment or descendancy. Students must enroll in eligible Tribal Colleges and Universities in Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota or Wisconsin. GPA 3.0 or higher. For additional requirements about these Scholarships for Native Americans and online application see

Native American Scholarships in Public Health

Application Deadline ~ June of each year

Award Amount $1500

These scholarships for Native Americans are offered through the Elizabeth and Sherman Asche Memorial Scholarship fund. They are targeted to American Indian and Alaskan Native undergraduate and graduate students working on a degree in public health or science. Selection for these Native American Scholarships is based upon both merit and need.​​​

American Indian College Fund Scholarship 
Ford Motor Company

Application Deadline May of each year

Award Amount $10,000 stipend per year; may be renewed

These Native American scholarships are open to American Indians and Alaska Natives enrolled full-time at a mainstream college or university. Scholarship requirements include a minimum GPA 3.0. Majors include accounting, computer science, engineering, finance, marketing, or operations management. For online applications and more information about this American Indian College Fund Scholarship see

Native American Scholarships 
Wells Fargo

Application Deadline April of each year

Award Amount Unspecified

These American Indian scholarships are open to upper division students working on a degree related to business, including banking, resort management, gaming operations, management, administration, accounting, finance, human resources and information systems. GPA 3.0 or better. Financial need is also considered. For more information on this American Indian College Fund Scholarship see​​​

Native American Vision Scholarships

Application Deadline ~ May of each year

Award Amount $5000

These scholarships for Native American graduating high school seniors who have participated in the Native Vision Sports and Life Skills camp and who will attend an accredited community college or 4 year college or university. GPA 3.0 or higher required and sustained involvement in the American Indian community. For details on these Native Vision Scholarships see​

Native American Education Grants

Application Deadline ~ June of each year

Award Amount $500 to $1500 per year, depending on financial need.

These scholarships for Native American and Alaska Native students who have completed at least 2 years of full-time study at US college or university and have a GPA of 2.5 or better. Preference is given to students who are members of the Presbyterian Church (USA), but students of all faiths are eligible. For details on these Native American Education Grants see .​

Native American Women Scholarships

Application Deadline ~ March of each year

Award Amount up to $1000 per year

These scholarships for Native American women provide financial assistance to American Indian women currently enrolled in college. For details see

For additional American Indian scholarships and Native American scholarships, see Scholarships for Minorities .​