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​​​​​ Beaverton School District ​​American Indian Education​​​

506 Enrollment Form.pdf​Title VI Indian Education Act
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Education is Ceremony

“The purpose of any ceremony is to build stronger relationship or bridge the distance between our cosmos and us. The research that we do as Indigenous people is a ceremony that allows us a raised level of consciousness and insight into our world. Through going forward together with open minds and good hearts we have uncovered the nature of this ceremony”
Shawn Wilson


Please fill out the above 506 enrollment form. Returning this completed form to Theo Latta ( will allow you to be enrolled in the Beaverton School District Indian Education program. If you've already filled out this form, you do not need to fill it out again.


Trs - 103.jpg   

Quamash Prairie sowing camas seeds.  2016


Indian Education Facilitator: Theo Latta                                                                                                       


Phone: (503)​​ 356-3755