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Fine Arts​​

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“When words are no longer adequate, when our passion is greater than we are able to express in a usual manner, people turn to art. Some people go to the canvas and paint; some stand up and dance. But we all go beyond our normal means of communicating and this is the common human experience for all people on this planet.”

-- Murray Sidlin, conductor​

The fine arts are fundamental to the development of citizens who are equipped to be thoughtful, productive participants in a changing world. An arts-rich education creates a strong foundation essential to self-expression, creativity, and aesthetic awareness. Active engagement in a sequential arts-infused curriculum develops critical thinking skills, self-discipline, confidence, teamwork, and multicultural awareness.​

The arts -- dance, drama, music, visual arts -- belong in the core education of every child. An arts-rich education improves student achievement, attitudes, and attendance. Schools committed to ​the arts report lower dropout rates. Sustained involvement in the arts highly correlates with success in mathematics and reading, especially among economically disadvantaged populations. When the arts become central to the learning environment, schools become places of discovery, promoting respect for cultural diversity and creating a strong sense of community through shared experiences. 

The Beaverton School District believes that the fine arts have a significant impact on the creation of lifelong learners. Participation in the fine arts provides opportunities to demonstrate competency in the Career-Related Learning Standards that are required for graduation. Skills taught in the arts are applicable to virtually every profession. The arts have a positive impact not only on the community’s quality of life, but also on the entire social and business fabric and are essential to a child’s complete education, citizenship, and development as a person. 

The Beaverton School District strives to ensure excellence in education for all children by providing a variety of arts experiences, a comprehensive and sequential fine arts program, and equity of opportunity.