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​​​​​​​​​ELD Program​​

Toward a Common Definition of English Language Learner. 2013.pdf


Oregon English Language Learner Report​​

The Oregon English Language Learner Report is an annual publication required by law (ORS 327.016), which reports on financial information for English language learner programs, the objectives and needs of students eligible for and enrolled in an English language learner program, as well as provides information on the demographics of students in English language learner programs in each school district. In addition, this report provides a tool that makes data on English language learners accessible to researchers, media, students, and parents. ​


Best Practices for English as a Second Language.pdf

English Language Learner Education Department.pdf

Essentials Services to English Language Learners.pdf

Five Service Components.pdf



English Learners Program Guide​

English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA21)

ELPA21 Proficiency Descriptors​    English   Spanish   Arabic   Chinese   Japanese   Korean   Russian   Somali   Vietnamese

ELPA21 Performance Standards (Cut Scores)​

ELPA21 Achievement Level Descriptors   English   Spanish   Arabic   Chinese   Japanese   Korean   Russian   Somali(Coming Soon)​   Vietnamese

ELPA 21 Information 

ELD Curriculum Adoption​

​February 27, 2018 Project Team Meeting​​​​December 5, 2017 Project Team Meeting​​
ELD Project Team Agenda 2/27/18ELD Project Team Agenda 12/5/17
Board Charge​Ice Breaker
ML Vignettes- Feb 27​ELL Date 17-18 Project Team
WestEd ArticleCommunity Agreements
Intro to ELP Standards​Decision Making Strategy
ELP Standards Matching Activity​ELL Vignettes
Position Paper Project Team Feb 27Guiding Questions for Vignettes
Guiding Principles at a Glance Feb 27​District Equity Policy
ELD Project Team Not​es Feb 27​Synthesis Graphics Organizer
Group Synthesis Graphics Organizer
​ELD Project Team Minutes 12/5/17
​Acronym Cheat Sheet
​​QCC Overview 2015

​March 22, 2018 Project Team Meeting​​May 24, 2018 Project Team Meeting
ELD Project Team Agenda 3/22/18ELD Project Team Agenda 5/24/18
Position Paper FINALBest Practices 
​Current ELD Delivery ModelsProject Team Presentation
Guiding PrinciplesBest Practices Glossary
ELD Best Practices DRAFT​Discussion Form for Best Practices
ELPA21 Standards​Feedback Form for Instructional Materials
ODE ELP Adopted Criteria​ELL Project Team Notes May 24
ELL Project Team Notes Mar 22​

​June 11, 2018 Project Team Meeting​
ELD Project Team Agenda 
Project Team Presentation
Introduction to Best Practices
Project Team Notes June  11
Year Long ELD Professional Development Proposal