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The Beaverton School District's School Board, teachers, and administration are committed to the core ideas of a standards-based system through:
  • clear learning targets in all content areas at each grade level
  • all classroom instruction and assessments aligned to learning targets
  • providing multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate growth and learning

  • reporting academics and behaviors separately
  • increased use of formative assessment practices; providing feedback focused on student growth and supporting improved instruction
  • consistent scoring guides (rubrics) to determine a student's level of learning and indicate what a student must do to improve
  • regular reporting of progress on each learning target
  • placing the highest value on teacher judgment and expertise

School Board Policy IK - Academic Achievement - Grading & Reporting

HB2220 was enacted in 2011 by the Oregon Legislature and changes district responsibilities for reporting student achievement. On December 6, 2012, the Oregon State Board of Education adopted revisions to Oregon Administrative Rule 581-022-1670. The intent of HB 2220 and of revised OAR 581-022-1670 is to inform students and parents of students’ progress toward acquiring the knowledge and skills included in the Oregon academic content standards.

HB4150 was enacted in 2014 by the Oregon Legislature and clarifies changes to District responsibilities for reporting student achievement under HB2220.

Oregon Department of Education Grading & Reporting Policies