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​A effective standards-based learning system will bring significant improvements in four areas.
  1. ​Standards-based learning shifts a classroom toward one focused on growth.
  2. Standards-based learning creates greater clarity for students, teachers and parents.
  3. Standards- based learning establishes a higher level of consistency.
  4. Standards-based learning requires we tell the truth about student learning.

Reporting student achievement in a standards-based learning system is built around points 3 and 4 above.  There are several practices within a standards-based learning system that help achieve greater consistency and truth.

The learning targets are consistent across the District.

The scoring guide/rubric used for each learning target is consistent across the District.

Academic achievement and behaviors are reported separately, allowing both to be more accurate.

At grade levels where student achievement on the learning targets must be converted into a single letter grade, common conversion criteria are used.

Supporting Information:

2018-19 Student Report Card Schedule