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Scoring Guides/Rubrics

The terms "Scoring Guide" and "Rubric" can be used interchangeably.  A Scoring Guide / Rubric is a document that describes student performance around a particular skill or area of knowledge.  The descriptions within a scoring guide should not only differentiate the levels of performance, it should clearly identify what success looks like.  An effective scoring guide, when used to evaluate student work, should answer three basic questions:

  • Where am I going?
  • Where am I now?
  • What must I do to close the gap?

Within Beaverton School District's Standards-Based Learning System, each Academic Learning Target has a rubric describing four levels of performance.

            4 – Highly Proficient

            3 – Proficient

            2 – Nearly Proficient

            1 – Developing

Within the Beaverton School District, we use rubrics with the four levels of performance listed above, unless a specific school program is better supported by a different type of rubric.  The International Baccalaureate's Middle Years Program at several of our middle schools is a good example.  Within these programs, rubrics with eight levels are used to better align with the program.

At the schools implementing The Middle Years Program (MYP) a 1-8 scale is used.

          7-8 - Highly Proficient

          5-6 - Proficient 

          3-4 - Nearly Proficient 

          1-2 - Developing 

Behavior long-term learning targets are assessed and reported using a rubric with three levels of performance.

            Grades K – 5                          Grades 6 – 12

            C – Consistently                    C / I – Consistently / Independently

            G – Generally                        G – Generally

            R – Rarely / Sometimes         R – Rarely / Sometimes

Behaviors are intentionally reported using a different scale to reinforce the idea that though we recognize their influence on a student's academic performance, they are different and should be reported separately.