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​Early Learning

Welcome to the Beaverton School District's Early Learning Program.

Children's brains develop most rapidly during the first eight years of life. In the very first years of our lives, our brains are making one million neural connections a second. This is the brain architecture that shapes how we learn and how we interact with the world around us later in life.

Around the age of three, our brains start to prune those connections – we can't make sense of all of that information so our brains start to focus on what matters most. During both of these processes – the explosive neural development of the very early years of life, and the sifting and pruning that occurs when we're a little but older, the environments we're in and the experiences we have matter a lot.

Language rich, warm, enriching environments lay down strong brain architecture and teach us to tune into the right things in our environments. A lack of access to these environments does the opposite. Our best and most precious opportunity to close the achievement a opportunity gap is during this early period of life from birth through age eight.

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