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AC's EPAS® Educational Planning and Assessment System was developed in response to the need for all students to be prepared for high school and the transitions they make after graduation. The EPAS system provides a longitudinal, systematic approach to educational and career planning, assessment, instructional support, and evaluation. The system focuses on the integrated, higher-order thinking skills students develop in grades K-12 that are important for success both during and after high school.

Student achievement is assessed at grades 8 using the EXPLORE test, grade 10 with PLAN, and grade 11 with the ACT, so that academic progress can be monitored to ensure that each student is prepared to reach his/her post-high school goals. Scale scores are reported tests in four content areas: English, Reading, Math, and Science. A Composite score, calculated by rounding the unweighted average of the four test scores, is also reported. The maximum scores of 25 on the EXPLORE, 32 on the PLAN, and 36 on the ACT reflect differences in content between the three tests. Scores for the EXPLORE, PLAN, and ACT are approximately on the same scale in that the score obtained by a student on an earlier test (e.g., PLAN) can be interpreted as approximately the same score the student would obtain if the student had taken a subsequent test (e.g., ACT) at the same time.

Beginning in 2005-06, all high school students in Beaverton are tested with the PLAN and ACT. Testing of all 8th grade students with the EXPLORE began in 2006-07.

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