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How does a teacher determine a student's proficiency level and a grade?

Clear, consistent and truthful reporting of student progress begins with the learning targets.  A teacher's instruction, a student's work and the way we report a student's progress should all be focused on the learning targets.

Each teacher will ensure their instruction and student tasks are aligned to the Learning Targets.  At the end of a reporting period, the teacher will consider all of the evidence a student produced around each Learning Target and use the Scoring Guide / Rubric to determine the student's proficiency level.

If this is a teacher at any of our high schools or one of our middle schools that convert their learning target judgments into a letter grade, the teacher uses the conversion criteria to help make this decision.

Summary Judgment to Letter Grade Conversion Criteria

Cedar Park and Meadow Park Middle Schools have implemented the International Baccalaureate's Middle Years Program (MYP) and use the MYP 1-8 scale.

MYP Summary Judgment to Letter Grade Conversion Criteria