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High School​ Reports

​High school progress reports are completed at the 6th week of each semester (mid-October and mid-March) and the 12th week of each semester (early December and late April). Report cards are completed at the end of each semester (end of January and end of school year).

Purpose of high school reports:

  • to communicate a student's academic achievement or progress toward the learning targets.
  • to separately communicate a student's use of key behaviors that are critical to student success.
  • to indicate areas of strength and areas where additional time and effort are required. 


  • The letter grade earned at the end of each semester in each subject/course will be posted to the student's official transcript.  
  • All BSD high schools are currently transitioning to a standards-based system.  Not all high school courses have learning targets and rubrics developed.
  • Teachers who have learning targets and rubrics have aligned their instruction and student tasks.  These teachers will evaluate student proficiency levels using the 1-4 scale for each learning target and will use the conversion criteria to assist with letter grade decisions.
  • Learning targets are not listed on reports and are not posted to the transcript.
  • On the progress reports completed at the six week mark of each semester, teachers may choose to use "P" – Passing, "P-" - Progressing, but significant improvement is needed to earn a passing mark at the end of the course, or "F" – Not meeting course targets, rather than letter grades.  This is done when the teacher believes not enough evidence exists to make a decision on a letter grade.

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