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Picture of school buses.

​​​​​​​The Beaverton School District has the largest publically owned fleet in the state of Oregon, consisting of 315 active buses.  We provide home to school service to approximately 30,000 students each day.  In addition to daily routes, we also provide service for field trips, athletic events, and various after-school programs.  Our buses travel over 3,000,000 miles annually.  We also have one of the cleanest running fleets in the state, with older buses retrofitted with advanced diesel particulate filters. 

Approximately 270 Beaverton School District Bus Drivers serve students each day.  Our drivers are some of the most highly trained, tested, and scrutinized drivers on the road.  Our drivers have all passed strict background checks prior to employment.  They are required to participate in pre-employment, random and post-accident drug and alcohol testing.  They undergo frequent driving record checks and pass periodic medical exams to ensure they are physically qualified. Our drivers receive specialized classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction in driving a school bus, student loading/unloading procedures, student evacuation, student management, and emergency medical procedures.   

To manage the logistics of our operation, provide consistent service, and ensure the safety of our students, we have a full time support staff. 

  • Dispatch:  Our dispatchers are the primary point of contact for our drivers for any issue while they are on the road.  They ensure that all routes are covered and accounted for.
  • Safety: Our safety team evaluates the safety of bus routes and student bus stops.  They respond to student and traffic incidents, and work closely with schools and drivers to resolve traffic and student issues.
  • Routing: Our routing team is responsible for creating school bus routes and maintaining them throughout the year.  They ensure that all eligible students receive appropriate bus service in accordance with District Policy and State Laws.
  • Training:  Our training team ensures that each driver has the proper skills to operate a school bus and safely transport students.  They provide the initial behind-the-wheel instruction and testing that all Beaverton Drivers must pass before they may transport students, as well as ongoing training and instruction for our experienced drivers. 
  • Maintenance:   Our maintenance team is responsible for keeping our fleet of vehicles on the road each day.  Our staff of mechanics and technicians perform repairs, preventative maintenance,  and state mandated inspections to ensure our buses operate safely each day.​

1270 NW 167th PL Beaverton, OR 97006
Phone (503) 356-4200

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