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​​​​​​​​​​​​Student Conduct 

​The District is responsible for children while on the bus, and our first concern is for the safe transportation of each student. Not follow­ing the posted instructions governing riding school buses may forfeit the student's privilege to ride District provided bus transportation and may result in additional disciplinary consequences.  The safe transportation of our students is a responsibility the Beaverton School District takes very seriously. 

Things TO DO  ​Things NOT TO DO   
​Use the emergency door only in case of emergency         ​Fight, Wrestle, or participate in boisterous activities ​​
​Be on time for the bus     ​Bring animals*, weapons, or hazardous materials on the bus
​Remain seated while the bus is in motion                                          ​Extend hands, arms, or head through the windows
​Always cross in front of the bus when crossing the street                            ​Shout or use vulgar language
​Use your regular voice to talk inside the bus​Throw items out of the open bus windows
​Keep the area around your seat clean                                             ​Cut, tear, or damage the seats
​Be courteous to the driver and others on the bus                             ​​Eat or drink on the bus unless the driver gives permission​

​* Guide & Service animals are always allowed

​Important Things to Remember
​Students & passengers are under the authority of the driver on the bus
​Driver may assign seats at any time
​Refusing to follow the driver's instructions could lead to expulsion from the bus
​Ballons and glass containers are not allowed on the bus
​- This includes mylar balloons
​- Balloons may restrict the driver's vision and could affect students with latex allergies​
​For a complete list of Riding Rules, please see OAR 581-053-0010