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BSD Terminology

​ABSA​Association of Beaverton School Administrators
​ACMA​Arts & Communication Magnet Academy
​ACT​American College Test
​AIR​American Institute for Research
​ALC​Academic Learning Center
​AP​Advanced Placement
​APE​Adapted PE Specialist
​Art Literacy
​A4L​Arts for Learning
​ARTICULATION​Alignment of K-12 learning targets
​ASD​Autism Spectrum Disorder
​ASPIRE​Replacement for the EXPLORE for 2015
​ASIST​Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training
​AT​Assistive Technology
​Assistive Technology Specialist
AVIDAdvancement Via Individual Determination
​AYP​Adequate Yearly Progress
​BEABeaverton Education Association
​BLCBehavior Learning Center
​BSD​Beaverton School District
​BKEY​Password Reset System
​BSAC​Beaverton Student Advisory Committee
​C, I & A
​Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
​CABINET​Interdepartmental Advisory for Superintendent
​CASS​Children with Autism Support Services
​CCA​Common Classroom Assessments
​CCD​Cultural Competency Development
​CCI​Communication & Community Involvement Department
​CCR​College & Career Readiness
​CD​Communication Disorder
​CDIP​Comprehensive District Improvement Plan
CELCenter for Educational Leadership
​CEYP​Continuing Education for Young Parents
​CIC​Curriculum & Instruction Committee
​CIS​Career Information System
​CogAT​Cognitive Abilities Test
​COT​Central Office Transformation
​CPA​Center for Performance Assessment
​CPT​Community Transition Program
​CRLE​Career Related Learning Experience
​CTE​Career & Technical Education
​Data analysis, planning and reporting improvement team
​DC​Dual Credit
​DD​Development Delay
​DIP​Department Improvement Plan
​DIBLES​Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Learning Skills
​DP​Diploma Program
​DRA2​Developmental Reading Assessment, 2nd Edition
​DTC​District Test Coordinator
​DW​Data Warehouse
​Curriculum-Based Measurement
​ED​Emotional Disorder
​ECHS​Early College High School
​ELA​English Language Acquisition
​ELD​English Language Development
​ELL​English Language Learner
​ELPA​English Language Proficiency Assessment
​English Language Proficiency Assessment - new 2015
​ESL​English as a Second Language
​ES​Essential Skills
​ESEA​Elementary & Secondary Education Act
​ESSA​Every Student Succeeds Act
​ESY​Extended School Year
​Early Warning System
​EXPLORE​9th grade ACT equivalent with career guidance component
​FAQ​Frequently Asked Questions
​FMLA​Family Medical Leave
​GLAD​Guided Language Acquisition Design
​GTC​Gateway to College
​HD​Help Desk
​HI​Hearing Impaired
​HQ​Highly Qualified
​HR​Human Resources
​HS2​Health & Science School
​IB​International Baccalaureate Program
​IDEA​Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
​IEP​Individualized Education Plan (for Special Education Students)
​IFAS​Staffing and Purchasing Information System
​ILC​Intensive Learning Center
​IPT​Innovation Process Team
​ISB​International School of Beaverton
​ISC​Independent Skills Center
​IT​Information & Technology Department
​ITBS​Iowa Test of Basic Skills
​KIIP​Kindergarten Intensive Intervention Program
​LD or SLD
​Specific Learning Disability
​LS Specialist
​Learning Disability Specialist
​LRFPC​Long Range Facilities Planning Committee
​MAP​Multicultural Academic Program
​MR​Mental Retardation
​MSIP​Middle School Intervention Project
​MYP​Middle Years Program
​NAEP​National Assessment of Educational Progress
​NWRESD​Northwest Regional Education Service District
​OAKS​Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills
​ODE​Oregon Department of Education
​OFLA​Oregon Family Leave Act
​OHI​Other Health Impairment
​OLN/HARVARD​Oregon Leadership Network
​ORS​Oregon Revised Statute
​OESPED​Oregon Special Education Database
​OSAA​Oregon School Activity Association
​OT​Occupational Therapist
​OUS​Oregon University System
​PACTEC​Portland Area Career Technical Education Consortium
​PASS​Proficiency Admission Standards System
​PAVTEC​Professional Advancement of Vocational Technical Education Consortium
​PBIS​Project-Based Inquiry Science
​PBIS​Positive Behavioral Intervention Support
​PCT​Program Collaboration Team
​PDA​Professional Development Advisory
​PDC​Professional Development Committee
​PGE​Professional Growth & Evaluation
​PIC​Professional Issues Committee
​PIM​Planning, Inquiry, and Monitoring SIP scoring guide
​PLAN​Tenth Grade Preliminary ACT
​PLC​Professional Learning Community
​PLTW​Project Lead the Way
​PSAT​Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test
​Psych​School Psychologist
​PTPerformance Task
​PYP​Primary Years Program
​QCC​Quality Curriculum Cycle
​QRG​Quick Reference Guide
​RAM​Resource Allocation Methodology
​RTI​Response to Intervention
​SAELP​State Action for Education Leadership Project
​SAT​Scholastic Aptitude Test
Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium
​SBHC​School Based Health Center
​SBLS​Standards-Based Learning System
​SC​Superintendent's Council
​SCC​Social Communication Classroom
​SET​Special Education Team
​SIOP​Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol
​SIP​School Improvement Plan
​SIS​Student Information System (Synergy)
​Site Councils
​Site-based staff/parent school improvement teams
​SLD or LD
​Specific Learning Disability
​SLG​Student Learning Goal
​SLP​Speech-Language Pathologist
​Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely
​SPED​Special Education Department
​Spring Survey
​District-developed and administered survey
​SSID​Secure Student Identification Number
​SST​School of Science and Technology
​STAMP​Standards-Based Measurement of Proficiency (World Language Assessment)
​STAT​Student Threat Assessment Team
​State Report Card
​Annual Performance Rating for Schools by ODE
​STC​School Test Coordinator
​StEPP​Student Educational Plan and Profile
​Steering Committee
​Principals who help Executive Administrators who Facilitate Monthly Principal Meetings
​Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
​STEAM​Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics
​STW​School to Work
​SUMMA​Placement program for highly gifted students
​Teaching and Learning Department
​TA​Test Administrator
​TAG​Talented and Gifted
​TAM​Test Administration Manuel
​TAT​Teacher Assistant Team
​THPRD​Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District
​TIDE​Test Information Distribution Engine
​Title 1 Funds
​Additional Federal Funding on the basis of poverty level
​TOSA​Teacher on Special Assignment
​TRT​Tragedy Response Team
​TSPC​Teachers Standards and Practices Commission
​USDE​United States Department of Education
​WICOR​Writing Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, Reading (AVID term)
​YEA​Young Entrepreneurs Academy
​YES​Youth Empowered to Succeed