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Bond Program Highlights as of 7/13/2017

All three new schools (Mountainside HS, Sato Elementary, and Vose Elementary) still remain on schedule to welcome students in the Fall.

Check out their progress (including Hazeldale which has just begun!) on their real-time web cams:

Monumental victory for collaborative BSD/THPRD Project!
Last night's City of Beaverton Planning Commission Hearing was devoted solely to the Redevelopments of William Walker Elementary School and Cedar Hills Park. City staff gave a summary and recommendation of approval, design teams on both projects presented their plans, and finally, overwhelmingly favorable public testimony was given. Specific testimony by neighbors included appreciation for the collaborative work between THPRD and BSD like they had not seen before and the team's "extremely responsive" and thoughtful incorporation of public comment in the design iterations over the last year. One neighbor remarked that she had even gone over to the Vose project and asked neighbors about their experience living next to a BSD school construction project. She was pleased that Vose neighbors were very complementary and reported the crews had been responsive and respectful.

Commissioners remarked that it was "the best school design they've seen come through," and was "as good of an application as we've seen in a long time." The chair closed stating:  "It is very rare that I open a package and feel joy" and with our application, she did.  The application was approved unanimously.

Mountainside High School
Mountainside HS has successfully accomplished its first occupancy milestone with occupancy approval received from the City for the main office on 7/5/17. Administrative staff have moved into their new spaces and are thrilled that "everything worked," contrasting their experience with past school openings.  The last round of water intrusion testing on the windows has been completed and was 100% successful.  The contractor has begun replacing 20,000 sq ft of roofing, at their own expense, after staff had observed unacceptable wrinkling of the roofing membrane in some areas. The roof is not leaking, however the issue is a long-term durability concern. Facilities Development has hired an independent roofing consultant to observe this rework and assess the acceptability of the repairs. Also of note, last week we received a check for ~$370,000 in Energy Trust of Oregon incentives for the efficient systems being installed.
Five Oaks Renovation
No proposals were received for the Five Oaks Renovation Request for Proposal (RFP) for construction contractor. Substantial outreach to the contractor community was conducted.  Part of the reason for receiving no proposals was due to multiple concurrent contract solicitations from other school districts.  The RFP has been simplified and reissued in a more favorable window of time.  A project is currently underway at the school to remove all carpet in the circulation spaces and replace it with polished concrete. This was done early to help the construction sequencing next summer and was also very much desired by school staff.
Construction has begun and is ahead of schedule at Hazeldale ES, Highland Park Plumbing, BHS HVAC Replacement and WHS Roof.
Also on schedule are all Security Projects at schools: Aloha Huber Park, Bethany, Bonny Slope, Chehalem, Errol Hassell, Montclair, Raleigh Park, Terra Linda, and West TV Elementary Schools.

Aloha High School Career & Technical Education (CTE)
The demolition of this project area is nearly complete. Additional asbestos material was discovered but will not impact the schedule.

Aloha High School Title IX Locker Room
Unforeseen conditions on the AHS Title IX project were encountered requiring additional excavation and replacement of the 6" sewer line and concrete slab in the entire project area. Both budget and schedule are impacted. Current completion forecast is mid-October, however, substantial efforts are underway to regain some of the lost time. The contractor is resequencing the work such that the team room portion may be available prior to mid-October.  Cost impact for all of these issues is expected to be under $500K. Facilities Development is in close coordination with school staff regarding the schedule impacts. Some of the unforeseen conditions discovered (leaking sewer) would have resulted in significant long-term impacts if they had not been addressed as part of this project.

Additional Partnerships in the Bond Program
Over the weekend, local law enforcement coordinated with our project staff to utilize Hazeldale for a rare training opportunity:

Many thanks to the Beaverton community for entrusting us with funds to improve and create inspiring learning environments for our students!

Bond Projects in Progress

Mountainside High School

Anticipated Completion Date:
July 2017

Sato Elementary School

Anticipated Completion Date:
July 2017

New Vose Elementary

Anticipated Completion Date:

August 2017

New Hazeldale Elementary

Anticipated Completion Date: August 2018

New William Walker Elementary

Anticipated Completion Date: August 2019
Bond Projects Completed

New Middle School


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