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​​​​Facilities Department and Maintenance Services

Phone:  (503) 356-4449          Fax:  (503) 356-4484

The Facilities Department is responsible for the general management and support of the District's real property assets. It forecasts future facility requirements based upon growth projections, develops capital investment programs, and manages the planning, design, and construction of capital projects. Facilities also provides environmental, hazardous waste, maintenance, and resource management services. Several District centralized services are also provided by the department.

Under the direction of Paul Odenthal, Executive Administrator, the Facilties Department administers all programs related to facility management for the District's 60 sites.

The Facilities Department consists of five sections:

Custodial Services

  • BSD Custodial Model Assessment Memo
  • BSD Custodial Reorganization Report


​Facilities Scope

  • 52 Schools
  • 8 Support Facilities
  • 4.9 Million sq.ft. of Building Space
  • 802 Acres of Land
  • 117 Vehicles / Equipment
  • 750,000 Pieces of Mail

Paul Odenthal, Executive Administrator
Telephone Number: 503-356-4449

​Maintenance Services Building Emergency Contact Numbers

Daytime Emergencies (6:30am - 4:00pm)

  • Call Maintenance at 503-356-4450

Evening Emergencies (4:00pm - 11:30pm)

  • Call Custodial Field Supervisors at 503-793-2985
    or 503-793-2466 

 After Hour Emergencies (11:30pm - 6:30am), Weekends and Holidays 

  • ​Call 503-924-9390