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Welcome to the Beaverton School District Facility Use Page

To submit a request for use of Beaverton School District Facilities, please click on the blue link below:



Instructions for accessing CommunityUser:

Click on the CommunityUser link and follow the instructions in the upper right hand corner. Once you become a community user, you may apply to use our facilities.

You will receive an email from SchoolDude when your event has been approved and activated. Please do not opt out of email notifications or you will not get our messages.

When space is available, individuals and community members may apply to reserve District facilities. The requested times may not interfere with the Beaverton School District instructional programs, student athletics or activities and school-related groups.

We use a classification system to assign fees for community use. You will receive an invoice following the event for rental and personnel charges. If you have any questions about potential fees for facility rental, please contact our office.

Please note that not all rooms in a school are available for rent.  We do not rent choir rooms, band rooms, computer labs or science labs. We are unable to provide microphones or projectors for facility rental events.

All Facility Use is dependent on our ability to staff the event when personnel is required.

We are currently reserving our buildings through 5/31/19. No requests will be accepted or approved after that date.

A $25 non refundable deposit will be required to process any Facility Use request. The deposit will be applied to the event invoice.

Questions regarding fees, invoices, online payments, policy and procedural issues should be directed to the Facility Use Team at 503.356.4619 or

18/19 School Year Reservations:

After school enrichment programs will run from October 1st through May 31st.

The school year will be divided into three terms and you will reserve use by term.

Fall- October through December

Winter- January through March

Spring -April through May

All after school enrichment programs must end and dismiss the building when the office closes. If you wish to run a longer program a BSD monitor will be required.

School Office Hours:

Early start elementary schools 7:30-4

Late start elementary schools 8-4:30

Middle schools 8-4:30

Not all schools will offer after school programs. Approval is a site based decision based on many different criteria, such as community interest and availability of rental space.

There will be no programs offered on Wednesdays until after 3:30pm, due to early release for staff collaboration.

Due to our inter-governmental use agreements, gym requests will only be approved until 4:45pm on school days.

All rental fees from a prior term must be paid in full before moving on to the next term. We now accept online payments for Facility Use fees.

Please note:

If you would like to use a Beaverton School District parking lot for a drop off or pick up location you will need to request use.

There is no overnight parking or camping at any Beaverton School District Facility.

If the Facility is requested on a non-school day there will always be a charge for a monitor/custodian. Effective 7/1/17 the monitor rate is $30 per hour and the custodial rate is $60 per hour.

We are only accepting reservations through May 31, 2019 at this time. Our schools are very busy in June with concerts, plays, year end celebrations, carnivals and more.

Due to summer school, construction, bond and maintenance projects, summer use at any of our schools will be limited. Please contact us for more information.

Reservations for the 19/20 school year will be accepted beginning 7/1/19.

Links to related documents:

District Closures: When the district is closed for inclement weather, ALL facility use is cancelled.