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Kindergarten FAQ

*Please note: This is a general kindergarten FAQ populated by our virtual kindergarten q&a session. It is a work in progress. This FAQ is not meant to answer questions related to the 2020-21 school year and COVID-19. The District has a team working on return to school plans and that information will be shared this summer.

Early entry question. Are there ever situations where a child wouldn’t be accepted even once passing the assessments and evaluations due to maintaining class sizes?

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 If your child is not 5yrs when the school year starts but will turn 5 in the same calendar year, are you able to send them to Kindergarten that year?

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If we have moved over the summer and my kindergarten has a sib that currently attends a different school do we do a school transfer now as well within our school district?

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How do we process moves to a new school for my kindergartner these days as we have been registered previously at another school? The system says it has to be done by schools which are not open. 

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