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2017-2018 Features

WE Collaborate: BSD Future Ready partners with Nike to reimagine classroom furniture

Innovation Strategists Ryan Hoxie and Katie White have developed a partnership with Nike to reimagine classroom spaces throughout the District.  The collaboration has created a sustainable resource for teachers to choose slightly used furniture that Nike is no longer using to innovate their classroom and library spaces.

Last June, Ryan and Katie worked with the Beaverton School District Facilities Department, Teaching & Learning Department, the Future Ready team and Stephanie Tucker an Operations Specialist at Nike to develop a process for schools to tour the warehouse and select furniture based on need.  Six dates were selected for Innovation Strategists to accompany up to three teachers, administrators or staff from their schools to visit the warehouse and select furniture items to be used in classrooms and common spaces in their schools.  The following Friday, the BSD Facilities courier team picks up the selected items from the Nike warehouse and delivers them to the schools. 

"We get a lot of furniture from all over our campuses that are still in really good condition but are not deployable. My job is to work with local nonprofits and school districts to ensure this material stays out of the landfill," says Stephanie. "The walkthrough and pick up schedule that has been developed with the Beaverton School District has really worked out to be very beneficial to everyone."  

The most popular items are flexible seating options like tall stools, ottomans and comfortable chairs and writeable surfaces like whiteboard tables. "It's such a fantastic opportunity for so many teachers who have in the past tried to use their own money to purchase things, or to write grants. Opening this process up for all elementary and middle schools has really worked great," says Katie.