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2017-2018 Features

Intervention Collaboration Team at Conestoga Middle School

An inter-departmental group of teachers, specialists, counselors and administrators at Conestoga Middle School have joined together to create an Intervention Professional Learning Team to collect and analyze data and develop strategies to encourage all Conestoga students to be successful in middle school. The team meets every fourth Wednesday during Early Release.

The group chose first to focus on school climate and social-emotional health. They generated a school-wide survey for students with questions like: "Do you feel that there is at least one adult that you can trust and talk to if you need help?" "Have you or do you plan to participate in any clubs or activities with other Conestoga students (i.e. sports, drama, Lego robotics, anime, GSA, band, choir, tech team, AVID)?" and "Do you feel that you have at least one friend that you can trust here at Conestoga?"

The team met on October 25 to begin the analysis of the data received from the survey.  This meeting focused on the graphical data, which showed that the majority of students feel they have friends, students treat other students fairly, and they have at least one adult who they can trust.  There is still work to do.  Following the review of the open-ended comments the team will develop interventions and programs that will ensure all students feel connected and part of the Conestoga community.

Principal Zan Hess supports the group and is very interested in the survey results, stating, "If you don't know how kids are feeling, you can't meet them where they are at."