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2017-2018 Features

This is Your Bus​


This is your bus. 

After a recent bus trip to Hazeldale Elementary School, we received this crayon drawing of the bus.  It was accompanied by a short story about a FutureBus visit.  I was excited to see another cool drawing from a thoughtful kid, like many sent to us over the years.  For some reason, this one brought me right back to the cool Fall morning four days prior.

I remembered having to hop the curb and drive through a huge iron gate to park the bus.  I stumbled in the wet flowerbeds trying to connect a 100 foot extension cord to the building, only to come up just short.  Another slog out through the rain to grab another cord.  People might think that driving the FutureBus is all glory and accolades, but they are missing out on some of the really good stuff – like stepping in a mud puddle in the dark and trying not to get electrocuted. Robots were plugged in, the coffee started heating up, and within a half hour the bus was ready for action.

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