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2017-2018 Features


"Five rosy apples hanging on a tree" (strong beat, low tone)

"The rosiest apples you ever did see" (strong beat continues)

"Along came the wind and gave a big blow" (rub drum)

"And one rosy apple" (hold up pointer finger)

"Fell down be……low" (drum roll, high tone – teacher lead one low tone on "low")

Those were the sounds resonating from the gym at Sexton Mountain Elementary School during early release on a Wednesday afternoon in October as K-8 music teachers collaborated on the use of drums in teaching rhythm, beat and patterns.

Following the lessons on strategies for drum circles using hand drums and other percussion instruments, the group transitioned to a lesson on using buckets as drums to teach students about rhythm and patterns. 

It was a very interactive and productive afternoon as the group moved to the beat of their own Drums!