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​Lockout vs. Lockdown and Parent Reunification Information

You've heard the terms "lockout" and "lockdown." While the two terms sound somewhat similar, they mean very different things. It can help ease your anxiety as a parent to know the difference.

A lockout means there is a possible threat outside the school. Most often, this is due to police activity in the area or the neighborhood. Police might be searching for a suspect in a crime, or someone might have spotted a person wanted for questioning. During a lockout, it is business as usual inside the building. If students are at recess, or outside for some reason, they are brought inside, the doors are locked and classes continue. The District does not typically send out parent notifications for lockouts, since they are most often due to police activity in the neighborhood and are usually resolved quickly. 

A lockdown means there is a possible threat inside the school. This is not business as usual. Hallways are cleared, classroom and office doors are locked, lights are turned out. Students and staff are instructed to stay quiet and out of sight.

All of our schools can be put in lockout or lockdown at the touch of a button. A message with instructions will then play over the school's intercom system. We've produced several videos to help educate students, parents and staff.

Lockout vs Lockdown

Standard Response Protocol: Lockdown & Evacuate

BSD Safety PSA #1

BSD Safety PSA #2

If you get a notification about a lockout or a lockdown, the first place to check for reliable information and updates is the school and District webpage. The Public Safety Office puts up color-coded banners. Also monitor the District's social media.

Do not call or go to the school. Doing so could put you or others in danger. We will communicate with you via the District webpage and social media once we have more information to share.

A lockdown may lead to a controlled release or parent reunification. Please watch our Parent Reunification video to familiarize yourself with this process.

We thank you for your help, as we work to provide safe learning environments for all students in the Beaverton School District.