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School Psychology Awareness Week - Nov. 12-16, 2018

November 12-16, 2018 is National School Psychology Awareness Week.  The theme is “Unlock Potential. Find Your Password!” A password is a personal key for unlocking any number of areas of potential in our lives. The goal is to connect with how modern youth and adults unlock things (e.g., gaming levels, phones, devices, codes) and to highlight how thinking about specific skills, assets, or characteristics as "passwords" can lead to positive growth.

School psychologists are particularly skilled at assisting students and staff in unlocking the resources, proactive and preventive skills, and positive connections necessary to unlock one's full potential to thrive in school and life.

In the Beaverton School District, there are 24 full-time and 16 part-time school psychologists who support the growth and development of our students. They combine their expertise in mental health, learning and behavior to help children succeed academically, socially, behaviorally and emotionally. Our school psychologists collaborate with families, teachers, school administrators and other professionals to create safe, healthy and supportive learning environments.