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October is National Bullying Prevention Month

While the Beaverton School District does not have Districtwide campaigns, activities, or events planned for National Bullying Prevention Month, we do this work every day. Campaigns, curriculum or activities are at the discretion of each school. At the elementary level, schools teach classroom lessons on bully proofing, tolerance, compassion and digital citizenship. Schools also build culturally relevant learning communities and use restorative practices to build community, empathy and spaces for students and teachers to communicate in a way that builds relationships.

One of those practices is the community circle. Community circles support the two main goals of restorative practices: building community; and responding to harms through dialogue that sets things right. Circles cultivate a culture in which everyone feels like they belong. They build a particular sense of community in which every member – students and teachers, feel that they are seen, heard, and respected.

At the secondary level, students receive frequent anti-bullying / behavior, digital citizenship, mental health lessons and strategies to respond to bullying.  Counselors work with individual students, and small groups to help with strategies. Many of the secondary schools have Unity groups, Gay Straight Alliances (GSA/LGBTQ) and Leadership classes that host school-wide activities that promote equity, kindness, and inclusivity.   

During the 2017-2018 school year the Beaverton Student Advisory Board (BSAC) created Humans of BSD (humansofbsd), an Instagram social media campaign to provide glimpses into the lives of high school students who may not necessarily feel like they fit in.

Several schools also participated in the dude. be nice. campaign during the 2017-2018 school year. Dude be Nice is a media campaign to inspire kindness and gratitude and dude. be nice week (DBN Week) is a time where schools change the routines of and focus on devoting efforts to spread good vibes in our schools and communities.

"In Beaverton, we recognize the value and worth of each and every one of our students. We are committed to ensuring all students have every opportunity to reach their full potential. Our staff work hard to support our wonderfully diverse students and families. Every day, Beaverton staff teach our students to appreciate differences, how to listen, disagree and resolve conflict respectfully.

Building caring relationships is fundamental to actualizing our District goal of empowering ALL students to achieve post-high school success. We are committed to providing all of our students and families with safe, caring and inclusive learning environments, free from bullying, intimidation, and harassment," says Superintendent Don Grotting.