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Staff Spotlight: Kathy Gray & Jolyn Iboy, Facility Use Specialists

Keeping the money in the classroom. Kathy Gray and Jolyn Iboy see that as their primary mission. You might know them as the people who run SchoolDude. Technically, their title is Facility Use Specialist.

Kathy and Jolyn are responsible for helping school staff, community members and parents navigate the Districtwide facility use program, SchoolDude. The District began using SchoolDude three years ago in an effort to bring consistency, efficiency and transparency to the facility use process. "It had been a paper system for many years. It was cumbersome and inefficient," says Kathy.

"Kathy and Jolyn have made a herculean effort from taking a nascent idea of a Districtwide facility use program to the implementation of a uniform facility use system which had been done 50 different ways when they started," says Executive Administrator for Long Range Planning Steve Sparks.

"One of the things that I enjoy the most is explaining to people the process, why we have it and walking them through the steps. You can almost see the person on the other end of the phone have that 'aha' moment where they get it," says Jolyn.

She and Kathy have been with the District 14 and 20 years respectively. Before coming to facilities, Jolyn worked in the mail room and as a maintenance secretary. Kathy spent 16 of her years with the District as a bookkeeper at Southridge. She says that while she misses being in the schools, she knows that she is still helping kids, just indirectly. " It's really all for them. They are in a safer building. They are in a cleaner building. The money is being spent in the classroom on teachers. It's not being spent on things that happened in the evening when they weren't there, or destruction or vandalism," says Kathy. She likes that she is able to take the pressure of keeping track of who is using the buildings off  of school staff. "The more we can help them, the more they can focus on their jobs of supporting students."

Kathy and Jolyn both agree that one of the most challenging parts of their job is helping people understand the fee system and why they are charged to use the buildings. "They look at it as a community center. Everybody has a different passion they want to share with students. We have to have rules and they have to be consistently enforced. We have a responsibility to make sure that our schools can be used for their intended purpose. It's all about keeping money in the classrooms. Our first goal is to educate students."