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​Beaverton School District Response to Possible Student Walk-Outs

The February 14, 2018 Florida school shooting has ignited a national discussion regarding school safety and the rights of staff and students to learn and work in a safe environment. As a result, several events are being promoted through the media, including national school walk-outs on March 14 and April 20.

The Beaverton School District has provided guidance to staff to prepare for these events, with student and staff safety as the priority. It is important for all students to feel safe and supported. Staff have been directed to develop a supervision plan for students who choose to participate in student-initiated events, as well as students who choose not to participate.

School attendance will be taken before and after the events. Students may not leave campus and must follow school protocols. Should they choose otherwise, they will be unsupervised and unexcused. Instruction will continue during any walk-out events. Staff will not participate in walk-outs, except to provide supervision.

We understand parents may wish to show their support for students. We ask that you gather on sidewalks or public spaces, rather than on school property. If you choose to go on campus or enter the school building, you will be required to follow all visitor/volunteer check-in processes.