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District to Allow Partial Public Access to Sato Elementary School and Mountainside High School​

The Beaverton School District will allow partial public access to two of the Beaverton School District's newest schools, Sato Elementary School and Mountainside High School.

At Sato Elementary School, the public will have full access to internal spaces, but no access to outdoor spaces.

At Mountainside High School, the public will have partial access to the following spaces: community room, commons area, gymnasium (including both gyms and indoor track), locker rooms, and the athletic stadium (including field, track, bleachers, and press box). Spaces excluded from public access include, but are not limited to, the auditorium, library, classrooms, work spaces, weight room, dance rooms, and the north and south athletic fields.

District policy and practice has dictated that new school buildings are not open to broad public use for one school year. This one year moratorium is used to allow District staff to learn the operational functions and controls of the building and grounds, vest warranties of equipment and other improvements, repair and replace equipment, and continue with commissioning activities taking place within the buildings.

The District has agreed to partially remove the moratorium on Sato Elementary School and Mountainside High School and allow access for public use of these facilities beginning March 1, 2018. Please visit the District's Facility Use webpage for information on reserving space at Sato or Mountainside.

For more information, please contact the Facilities Department at 503-356-4619.