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​ Future Ready Micro:bit Make-A-Thon at Beaverton HS


On Friday November 9, ninety-six 4th and 7th grade students from around BSD chose to spend their day off participating in the first ever Future Ready Micro:bit Make-A-Thon at Beaverton High School.

The Make-A-Thon is part of a project to introduce coding and physical computing to every elementary and middle school in the district. Using programmable micro-controllers, kids can create anything from a robotic cat that opens its mouth to beg for "food" to a dog that wags it tail when patted on the head. The Make-A-Thon lets kids tackle a project in a single day that might normally stretch over 2 weeks of class.

Dawn Guildner and Katie White of Beaverton's Future Ready team are helping teachers design curriculum that encourages kids to become creators and not just consumers of technology. Kids are enthusiastic about getting to choose from a variety of real-world problems and to create solutions that combine coding with the construction of a physical device that runs on the code they write.

The next Make-A-Thon will be Friday April 5, 2019 and will be hosted on Nike's campus where students will design and build solutions to sports themed problems.