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​New District & School Website Coming Soon!

In an effort to improve accessibility, mobility and functionality, the Beaverton School District will be launching new and improved District and school websites in early June 2019.

The redesign is in response to a complaint filed with the Office of Civil Rights that the current Beaverton School District website is not ADA accessible. The District submitted a plan to remediate the issue with the Office of Civil Rights. The current platform was not able to meet these accessibility needs. A team reviewed several vendors and ultimately selected Finalsite.

For the past seven months, the District has been working with the Finalsite team to design and build the new websites.

What does this mean for parents, students and the community? It means improved functionality for BSD families and the community. The new sites will be responsive on mobile devices. The sites will have a built-in translate feature to make content more accessible to people who do not speak English. In addition, the District is reducing the number of PDFs posted on our webpages, meaning this content will also be accessible, translatable and searchable.

We will be sharing more information about the new website design in the coming months.