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Restoration of Instructional Time lost to inclement weather


REVISED District Calendar

The Beaverton School District is committed to restoring lost instructional time due to inclement weather in December and January. Our current calendar accommodates two inclement weather days, and to date we have been closed nine days. We appreciate the many suggestions that we received from students, staff, parents and community. Some of the suggested options included adding minutes to the student day, adding days in June, eliminating professional development and grading days, using President's Day as a student day, eliminating all or a portion of spring break and converting finals' schedules and eliminating conferences.

Our community spoke clearly about the importance of restoring days that will have the greatest impact on student learning; providing the least disruption to families; and mitigating the impact on critical bond projects, specifically the opening of three new schools in September.

In collaboration with our teachers' association, we will be making the following adjustments to the District calendar, restoring six (6) instructional days for students and extending the first semester by one week, effective immediately.

Days to be Restored for Students ​ ​
ElementaryMiddle SchoolHigh School/Options
February 3February 3February 3
March 10March 10March 10
April 28June 22June 22
June 22Conferences (3 days)Finals early release (3 days)
Conferences (2 days)  

Note: First semester will end February 10 versus February 3. Both days will be student instructional days.

It is important to note that eliminating critical time for teachers to participate in professional development, meet with students and parents and assess student progress has been a painful decision, as it also impacts the quality of instruction for our students and communication with parents. Report cards will be sent home later than normal. Schools will not provide conference times at the elementary and middle school levels. High school students will have full days during finals' weeks, as these days will be student contact days for the remainder of the school year.

Since we are still in the winter season, it is possible there will be more school closure days due to weather. If there are more than two additional closure days, we will re-evaluate available options.

Thank you for your support, patience and understanding as we strike a balance in meeting our commitment to students and families.


Don Grotting