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Overview of Dual Language Programs

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Class Composition

The BSD dual language program is considered to be two-way immersion (TWI) as defined by the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL). TWI is a distinctive form of dual language education in which a class is comprised of a balanced number of partner language speakers and native English speakers. Both groups of students serve in the role of language model and language learner at different times during the school day.

When considering enrollment for dual language programs, students' languages coming into the program are important. To be in full alignment with the guiding principles of dual language education, no less than one-third and no more than two-thirds of the student population should be monolingual, or dominant in either English or the partner language at the time of enrollment.

In BSD, we strive to have our dual language class composition be the following: 

  • A third of the class should be students whose home language is English.
  • A third should be students whose home language is Spanish/Mandarin Chinese.
  • A third should be students whose home language is English and Spanish/Mandarin Chinese OR English and another language.

Instructional Models

Elementary: 80:20

In the 80:20 dual language program model, the target language is used in kindergarten for 80% of the instructional time and English is used for 20% of the instructional time. Literacy in the target language is developed before moving on to formally developing literacy in English. At each grade level, the amount of instruction in English rises by 10%, as per the chart below. However, instruction also includes cross-linguistic bridging. For example, if math content is being taught in Spanish, the teacher also will introduce students to mathematical terms in English.

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Grade Partner Language English


80% 20%
1st Grade 70% 30%
2nd Grade 60% 40%
3rd Grade and beyond 50% 50%

*Partner language is Spanish or Mandarin Chinese


At the middle and high school level, the target language is used for the majority of classroom instructional time in some classes; in other classes, English is used for 100% of the instructional time. As described above, teachers also practice cross-linguistic bridging. When considering a student's full class schedule, the goal is to spend half the day immersed in the target language and half the day in English.

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Current Dual Language Schools

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Dual Language Program Elementary School Middle School High School
Spanish Barnes Meadow Park Beaverton
Vose Whitford Southridge
Aloha-Huber Park Aloha
William Walker TBD TBD
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Jacob Wismer

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