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Arts & Communication Magnet Academy's innovative educational community engages all students and staff in achieving academic and artistic excellence.  We ignite the human need to create and question by honoring both the unique characteristics and the interdependence of all disciplines of study, while weaving a rich collaborative tapestry of experience.

ACMA Staff - April 20, 2015


We believe that:

  • magnet arts schools are student-centered, foster diversity and guarantee access and equity for all students to pursue success
  • arts curriculum is basic to a well-balanced educational program
  • schools should inspire a love for lifelong learning
  • students should prepare to be contributing members of a rapidly changing society, global in nature and rich in diversity
  • students should be evaluated based upon their demonstration of learning through projects, exhibitions, portfolios and active participation in learning activities
  • parents are critical partners in the educational process
  • school-related accomplishments are critical in helping students develop self-respect and self-esteem
Rev. 12/11/06