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Summer School 2016

June 27 - July 21

Registration Open

Until May 27

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​Welcome Alicia

to our Warrior Family!

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For everything you need to know

about graduation 2016​,

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​At Aloha High School

May 6th

$7 with ASB, $8 without ASB, $10 at the door.

Proceeds to Sparrow.

80's Neon!!!

​May 21

On the Portland Spirit

Dancing, Photo Booth, Dessert Booth

For more details, click here.

​Class of 2017 Senior Shirt orders

due FRIDAY with $20 to the bookkeeper.

Click here for Order Form

Congratulations to the Aloha High School New Day Singers,

who placed 2nd at OMEA State Competition

for Small Mixed Vocal Ensembles!

 School Highlights

WE Book AHS English & Spanish
May Events and Activities
Prom May 21
MORP May 6th
Summer School Information
Graduation Information
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 Upcoming Events

5/2/2016 All Day - AP Testing
5/7/2016 11:59 PM <b></b> <b>Advanced Placement 2016 Exam Schedule</b> <i>All AP Exams will take place at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, unless indicated below.</i> <b><u></u></b> <b><u><br clear="all" style="page-break-before&#58;auto;"> </u></b> <b><u>Thursday, April 28 (7&#58;45am-2&#58;30pm) AP Studio Art Exam Submission Day at Aloha High School</u></b> <b><u></u></b> <b><u>WEEK ONE</u></b> Monday, May 2 8&#58;00am AP Chemistry 8&#58;00am AP Environmental Science 12&#58;00pm AP Psychology <b><i>On May 3, AP Exams will take place at Aloha High School.</i></b> Tuesday, May 3 8&#58;00am AP Computer Science A 8&#58;00am AP Spanish Language and Culture 12&#58;00pm AP Physics 1&#58; Algebra-Based Wednesday, May 4 8&#58;00am AP English Literature and Composition 12&#58;00pm AP Physics 2&#58; Algebra-Based Thursday, May 5 8&#58;00am AP Calculus AB 8&#58;00am AP Calculus BC 12&#58;00pm AP Chinese Language and Culture Friday, May 8&#58;00am AP German Language and Culture 8&#58;00am AP US History 12&#58;00pm AP European History <b><u>WEEK TWO</u></b> Monday, May 9 8&#58;00am AP Biology 8&#58;00am AP Music Theory 12&#58;00pm AP Physics C&#58; Mechanics 2&#58;00pm AP Physics C&#58; Electricity and Magnetism Tuesday, May 10 8&#58;00am AP US Government and Politics Wednesday, May 11 8&#58;00am AP English Language and Composition 12&#58;00pm AP Macroeconomics Thursday, May 12 8&#58;00am AP Comparative Government and Politics 12&#58;00pm AP Statistics <b><i>On May 13, AP Microeconomics will take place at a location TBA.</i></b> Friday, May 13 8&#58;00am AP Human Geography 8&#58;00am AP Microeconomics See noteYes5/2/2016 today - 5/4/2016
Today All Day - Blue Day
5/4/2016 11:59 PMYes5/4/2016 today - 5/4/2016
Today 2:45 PM - Faculty Meeting
5/4/2016 3:30 PM Makeups on the following Thursday at 7&#58;00 in the staff room. CafeteriaNo5/4/2016 today - 5/4/2016
5/5/2016 All Day - gold day
5/5/2016 11:59 PMYes5/5/2016 today - 5/4/2016
Today 5:30 PM - Westside and Community Dinner
5/4/2016 9:30 PM <br> BackstageNo5/4/2016 today - 5/4/2016
5/5/2016 2:30 PM - Staff Appreciation Dessert
5/5/2016 3:30 PM &#160; &#160; AHS ActivitiesNo5/5/2016 today - 5/4/2016
5/6/2016 All Day - Blue Day
5/6/2016 11:59 PMYes5/6/2016 today - 5/4/2016
5/7/2016 9:00 AM - PTO Can and Bottle Drive
5/7/2016 4:00 PM &#160; &#160; AHS ActivitiesNo5/7/2016 today - 5/4/2016
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