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​go warriors! aloha high school opportunity fund​

We invite you to join us (class of ’70 and ’71), in networking with other alumni to build the Go Warriors! Aloha High School Opportunity Fund!

To celebrate our 45th and 44th reunion, we established the Go Warriors! Aloha High School Opportunity Fund! It will award grants through the Beaverton Education Foundation to small non athletic student groups (8 or more) with seed money and fund optional class activities in a wide range of areas. The fund will pool the resources of all alumni classes and the Aloha community to encourage initiative, planning, budgeting, problem solving, project execution and delivery. It will be used to stimulate student interest in exploring career and personal development.

Why build an endowment fund?
Traditionally endowment funds established by alumni were in the domain of private high schools. Recent news has focused on family income demographics of current students and educational funding cutbacks. Our effort will help change the current perception with a permanent resource and is a great way to let current and future students know that we care and consider them to be our most valuable asset as it was in the past!

The goal is to reach an initial minimum of $25,000 with a stretch goal of $50,000 to become a permanent endowment fund which grows and awards funds year after year. For more information contact A BEF link is where both immediate (term fund for current students) and long term (endowment) tax deductible donations can be made. We hope you will join us in the effort


Our new permanent home for Fund Updates and Promotions:

Link to Donation Flyer and Form at

Tax deductible gifts are accepted year round at: or by mail to:
Beaverton Education Foundation (BEF)
3800 SW Cedar Hills Blvd #168 • Beaverton, OR 97005
(Make check payable to Beaverton Education Foundation indicating the Go Warriors! Fund Term (for current students) and Endowment distribution amounts)

If you know of class contacts or class reunions do send an email to

Go Warriors! AHS Opportunity Fund as of May 3, 2018

Activities and News:


Class '71 – a gift of $1000 was made by a member of the class to the Go Warriors Endowment Fund! Wow!! Thank you!!!!

Received completed banners for Go Warriors! booth at the upcoming Aloha High School 50th Anniversary Celebration.

An initial Go Warriors! Board meeting is slated for 5/9 to review plans for the Celebration booth and the upcoming reunion season.​

The Go Warriors! Board funded the following projects in March​:

  • Expansion of EV3 Kits for Intro Computer Science  $450  Adds EV3 kits to the classroom to meet new needs and refresh kits for students just beginning to learn programming.
  • Future Ready Art Exhibit   $500  Replenish both digital and creative art supplies.
  • Aeternum Literary Magazine  $500​  Supports in part the color printing of the Literary Magazine. Note: copies are available for sale at Cedar Hills Powell’s bookstore.
  • EmpowerHER $500  Underwrites part of the PSU Womens's leadership conference to be held at the end of April.


With the Class of '71 gift, the Endowment Fund has increased by $1000 to $20,005. The class of '70 continues their commanding lead ahead to other classes for a gift total of $8664 to date. We have 80% of the funds required for the Endowment fund $25,000 minimum.​

Go Warrior! Tax deductible gifts can be sent by printing and mailing this Go Warriors! AHS Opportunity Fund flyer (…/0B0HcdpD6B3EKaE1yMnNUN0dsZGc/view) or by pasting into your browser to fill out the electronic form at BEF.

Now the Beaverton's Choice project links ( ) will immediately update the Fund total and send a receipt reflecting your gift!

Current Funds available for grants: $870.00​

Go Warriors! Endowment Fund $20,005Class of ’70​$8,664
Go Warriors! Term Fund
​$5,345Class of ’71​$7,126
Total for all Funds​$25,350Class of ’76​$5,100
Class of '77​$90
Class of '87​$100
​Class of '05
​Class of '08
​Class of '11
​Class of '14
Total for all Funds$25​,350

Aloha High School Class of '70 and '71

Aloha Alumni and Community