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About 9th Grade Academy

Dear 9th Grade Parents,

We are excited to welcome you into the Aloha High School family. We are committed to supporting a smooth transition between middle school and high school. In order to welcome our 9th graders and their families, we have implemented a 9th Grade Academy model. This model is designed to create a team of teachers that will work exclusively with your student. The Academy concept has gained nationwide praise for its ability to develop a personal approach to educating students. Aloha High School will greet nearly 500 new 9th graders in the coming year. The Academy model will allow us to develop an individual relationship with all 9th graders by structuring the students into three distinct teams:  Team Blue, Team Gold and Team Green.

Aloha High School is confident the academy approach will provide the best opportunity for a successful school year. Research has shown that learning teams can improve teaching and learning for all students. We are looking forward to a great school year.

Please feel free to contact the 9th Grade Academy Coordinator if you have any questions.