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What is Warrior Tutorial?

Warrior Tutorial occurs every Blue day (2nd Period) from 7:45-9:13, and is a time designed for students to access teachers for academic support.  All students are scheduled into a home tutorial, usually their first period teacher, but will have flexibility to check out to meet with other teachers, retake tests, or visit the computer lab or library.  Tutorial time will also be used for school-wide activities such as voting, assemblies and college planning sessions.  Students who are not accessing resources will use the time to work independently on class assignments or read something of their choice.  Attendance is kept during tutorial, and students will be graded with an "S"/"U".

Students must get prior approval to see a teacher during tutorial time. Each student will receive a monthly calendar outlining all tutorial activities for the month.

If you need help in a particular subject, teachers and student tutors are available in the locations listed below.  Prior to attending any tutoring centers (writing center, math center, testing center, gym, or library) students must have their calendar signed, and the student must be signed up by a teacher on the tutorial google doc.

​Writing Center
E-20​  Helmke
Math Center
​L-3​  Kong
​Testing Center
​E-17  Jelinek
​PE Makeups
​Gym  Safranski
Printing, Book Check Out, or Small Study Group

Student expectations

  1. Work on school work or read during tutorial

  2. Use your calendar to sign in and out

Juniors and Seniors who have a 3.0 or higher with no Fs, are on track to graduate with essential skills (seniors need to have passed essential skills), and maintain 85% attendance will be able to apply for early release from tutorial.