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Aeternum (forever; eternally)

Aloha High Schools literary magazine, Aeternum, is a nationally recognized book filled with the amazing art and literature from Aloha High School Students.  Students submit short stories, plays, poems, scripts, lyrics, architectural design, essays, photography, sculpture, painting, mixed media etc.

You can get your copy in the magazine section of Powell’s in Beaverton for $10.  Aeternum features work from 91 students.  Each writing piece is paired with an original work of art.  The 2016 Aeternum won a national recognition of "Superior" by the National Council for Teacher's of English.​

Here is a poem from the lit mag:

"Fire" by Christa Gilray
Time and time again it is told
We will walk with death before we are old
This is our undeniable, destined route,
To die within before we die without
But from the path I am bound to stray
I can see the shining light in every day
I am alive, I am free, I am burning with desire
It's as if somebody set my soul on fire

Jody Jones, Language Arts teacher, is the advisor of the Aeternum.