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Above images - Fundraising Activities 2016-17 


Above images - 2016 Ashland Or. The trip to Oregon Shakespeare Festival.


    Above image shows students exploring SOU campus and talking with OSF actor Rodney Gardiner (Feste, Twelfth Night). 




Congratulations to Rebecca David For her 

1ST Place Finish in Make-up design!

Congratulations To Becky Wiser for her 

5th place in Play Writing!

​Theatre vs. Theater

The spelling of the word is in some debate. Some say the "re" spelling adds an air of pretentiousness. Webster's Dictionary does not make a distinction and accepts both. We at AHS Theatre believe the following to be true: "Theatre" refers to the art of creation on stage, whereas, "Theater" refers to the building where the art takes place. We hope this clears up the issue.