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​​​Beaverton High School

Core Purpose and Core Values​

The coming years will present a variety of challenges and opportunities for schools. Changes in the curriculum, increased use of technology, and a changing school population are just a few of the possible changes that are ahead for BHS. School communities that have a strong sense of direction and purpose are poised to seize the opportunities that present themselves and weather any challenges. A clearly stated and shared set of core values can guide us toward a productive and successful future.

Beaverton High School’s Core Purpose and Core Values are outlined below:

Core Purpose
We believe that ALL students will graduate ​from BHS prepared for, confident in, and excited about the future they choose.

​Core Values
Excellence inspires us: We demand excellence in every aspect of our school.

  • We hold students, faculty, and staff to high standards and support all in reaching their fullest potential.
  • We strive to ensure our academic programs are demanding and that they genuinely prepare all students for success.
  • Our athletic and extracurricular activities programs demand the best from all participants.

Learning transforms us: We instill a passion for exploring ideas, questions, and possibilities.

  • We recognize the power of education to shape the future of individuals.
  • Students benefit from rigorous, engaging, and relevant educational experiences.
  • Highly talented teachers and staff foster academic achievement within communities of learners and are learners themselves.

Community connects us: We are a caring, inclusive, and collaborative community.

  • We actively engage every member of the Beaverton High School community—students, staff, families, and our community partners—in pursuit of our mission.
  • Together we celebrate the diversity of our community and recognize it as one of our greatest strengths.
  • We enhance our school and community through service and action.

Tradition unites us: We recognize and embrace our rich legacy and traditions.

  • Everyone in our community contributes their best to the success of our school.
  • Our traditions keep us mindful of our pursuit of excellence and commitment to our community.
  • We celebrate the accomplishments, both past and present, of our school, students, and staff.​

​​​BHS Beaver Fight Song​

Hats off to beavers here we come
Beavers are fighters everyone
Beavers will conquer any foe
And we will
Lets ... Give ... A
Cheer for the Beavers
Watch them score
Knocking on victory's door
So come all you Beavers
Fight! Fight! Fight!
And we will win tonight!