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When notifying the school regarding a student absence, a parent or legal guardian must call the Attendance Office (503-356-2831) or provide a note upon the student's return. Messages or notes must detail the nature of the absence or run the risk of the absence being designated as unexcused. Parents or legal guardians have no more than 24 hours (carry over the weekend/non-student days when applicable) to excuse an absence. All absences will be designated as unexcused, regardless of reason after the 24 hour time period.

The following absences will be considered excused:

  • Illness of the student or family member
  • Medical appointment
  • Family emergency
  • Death in the family
  • Excused Pre-Arranged (see below)
  • Religious observance
  • Field trip/school trip

Prearranged Absences
If absences are known in advance, they may be prearranged as excused with a Prearranged Absence Form if they meet the following criteria:

  • Prolonged student medical issue
  • Serious illness of a member of the student's family
  • Family emergency or bereavement
  • Legal/court obligations
  • Religious observation
  • School sponsored, curricular or academic-related activity

We strongly encourage a parent or legal guardian contact their student's counselor relating to the aforementioned absences. When absences are known in advance and are not documented with the Prearranged Absence Form and/or do not meet the specified criteria (or not enough criteria is provided), the absences will be recorded as unexcused.

Medical, Dental and Legal Appointments
Every effort should be made to schedule appointments outside the school day. When appointments must be scheduled during school hours, times should vary to avoid continually missing the same class.

To excuse an absence for a medical or dental appointment, please call or send your student with a note to the Attendance​ Office on the day of the appointment. The school requires confirmation from the medical practitioner stating the date and time of the appointment. Legal appointments require confirmation from the court clerk. Students will be excused only for class periods missed during the appointment time, taking into account transportation to and from said appointment. The absence will not be excused until confirmation is received. The confirmation must be provided by the next school day.

Missing class for driver education/tests, off-campus lunches, hair and personal beauty appointments, vehicle repairs, babysitting or other appointments that are not of a medical or legal nature will be considered unexcused.

Student Check-in/out
Once a student is on campus, the student must remain on campus. If it is necessary for the student to leave school for ANY reason after their initial arrival, they must sign out of the building at the Attendance Office and obtain a B-PASS.
Subsequently, students must document the time of their return to school at the Attendance Office as well. Failure to do so will result in an unexcused absence for all classes missed.